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Sebex™ PhytoThera™-Rx
Broad patent pending covering multiple formulations of prescription topical anti-androgen applications in the prevention and treatment of acne vulgaris and over-the- counter skin cleanser. Preparations include botanical and prescription anti-androgen formulations. Experiments carried out on volunteers indicated that the method and composition significantly reduced the secretion of sebum and its removal from the skin. Studies lasting for six weeks showed that applications, two or three times per day, for one week substantially lowered the sebum secretion for up to three weeks.

Breakthrough pharmaceutical preparation for the treatment of topical wounds and ulcers. Composed of eight all-natural ingredients for moist exposed burn therapy. Unique broad spectrum of activity, containing a comprehensive range of components to debride, provide analgesia, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, tissue regeneration and nutritional properties.

Composition for the removal of warts, moles and calluses. Contains slaked lime and piper betel extract. The majority of warts are removed by applying salicylic acid that leaves scarring of the tissue. This product leaves very little scarring and utilizes a highly alkaline medium and combines a potent antiviral to remove and prevent the wart(s) from returning.


Treatment for diaper rash and as a general emollient. Composition of Beeswax, olive oil, soybean oil extract which provides beta-sitosterol and Chinese herb known as coptis chinensis franch. Can be used frequently on tender, sensitive skin without causing irritation. This composition is notably more effective than vitamin A or D ointments and all other synthetic products currently marketed. A second product is designed around this patent that will be indicated for cracked nipples of breast feeding mothers. Infants can continue breast feeding while this product is applied on the nipples without any side effects.


Topical pharmaceutical composition for the prevention & treatment of scar tissue. Herbal composition of Cortex Phellodendri and Opuntia ficus indica. Permanently removes skin scars; from pregnancy stretch marks to postoperative surgical marks. This composition of herbs works on a definite principle of softening and replacing keloid tissue with fresh tissue.

Herbapecia™ Capecia™-OTC
Herbal composition for the treatment of Alopecia. All-natural ingredients for direct application to the scalp. This composition acts by multiple mechanisms including but not limited to: enhancing nutrition of follicular cells, enhanced blood flow to follicles, stimulation of stem cells to create new follicles. These products utilize the stimulant activity of beta-sitosterol with other excipients to provide deep penetration to follicular base, to remove debris and stimulate basel stem growth.

A proprietary formulation of an anti-itch cream that can be used for irritant itch due to plants (e.g., poison ivy) insect bites, sunburn, chemical itch, eczema, pruritis dermatitis, diabetic skin itch, aging skin itch, foot-itch, chicken pox itch, jock itch, hives, itch of healing burns and wounds, dry winter skin, stress related scalp itch as well as vaginal and anal pruritis. It contains one botanical component, beta-sitosterol and stearic acid in an oil/wax base. (Patent pending)